James Publishing releases “California Objections” by Audra Ibarra and Judge Gregory Ward (Ret.)

CALG of counsel Audra Ibarra’s treatise “California Objections Civil and Criminal, Revision 13,” with Judge Gregory H. Ward (Ret.), has been released by James Publishing.  Audra brought her appellate background to bear by focusing on how trial lawyers can make objections that survive appellate scrutiny.  The jacket description:

Whether you are in the courtroom or preparing for trial, California Objections will help you use the rules of evidence to your client’s advantage. Judges Gregory Ward (Ret.) and Audra Ibarra masterfully detail: 125 objections with pattern objection language, scope of governing rules, practice tips and cautions with detailed advice from the bench, arguments for making and responding to objections, and over 1,800 recent cases.

You can learn more about Audra’s practice by clicking here, and her new treatise by clicking here.