Amicus Briefs & Certiorari/Review Petitions

Amicus briefs can be critical to shaping the decision on appeal, providing the court with perspectives and arguments it might not otherwise consider. They can be useful at nearly every stage of appeal and in every appellate court. We have experience preparing a broad range of amicus briefs, representing everyone from industry groups and think tanks to public interest groups and individuals.

One of our recent briefs was quoted at length by The Economist (click here to see the article, and click here to see the brief), while another recent brief of ours was featured in the New York Times (click here to see the article, and click here to see the brief). Whether you are a non-party who wants to present your unique perspective to the court, or an appellant looking for amicus counsel, our attorneys can craft the most effective amicus briefs for your needs.

We also have extensive experience with petitions for certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court and petitions for review to the California Supreme Court. Petitions for discretionary review are an entirely different genre of legal writing from most other briefs, and the type of arguments that might win at trial or on appeal don’t go far, and can even prove harmful, when you’re seeking review in a court of last resort. With former clerks from the U.S. Supreme Court and California Supreme Court, we have a sense of what those Justices are looking for in a way few other firms do.

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